Dec 21, 2022
Why Do Students Like Online Learning?

A growing number of each student human population is demanding the creation of online gaining knowledge from educational facilities. They say online learning offers them the freedom to master anytime and from any location. Online learning also presents full-time working professionals with the chance to grow their knowledge and skills without needing to go over a sabbatical from other employment.

Immense Flexibility

Online education allows a person to attend training without needing to be anxious about time and placement restraints. Students only need access to some type of computer or possibly a laptop by having an internet connection to enroll for courses and complete a similar at their leisure.

Student-centered Teaching

Online learning enables student-centered teaching by encouraging higher interaction and engagement amongst students. They can choose their period of study as well as after they want to appear for examinations. They can observe the courses anytime as provided by an institute and ask questions to the administrator to clarify doubts.

Course Material is Accessible 24 Hours a Day

One can access course materials, assessments, exam schedules, plus much more information, round the clock. Students can also download a class brochure or such similar materials to watch it at their convenience.

Participation Increases

Attendance in classes can considerably increase while using usage of Cloud-based learning systems. It is because students can readily enroll in a class online instead of needing to travel all the way to the institute to fill a questionnaire. Live chats and discussion forums can assist in developing greater communication between students and while using teachers.

Easy Delivery of Coursework and Evaluation Reports

Online instructors can readily deliver all coursework, assessment sheets, evaluation reports, etc by uploading a similar online. Students can instantly view their test marks and quickly get the performance report at the end of the exam over the internet. They also can freely download the report to take a print of the same, anytime.

Cost Saving

Students can certainly save a significant percentage of their hard earned savings if they decide to find out online. Student activity fees, accommodation costs along with traveling costs, etc., get saved as a result of ease to proceed with their education from your comfort of their homes.

Increased Bonding Among Students

Online discussions and chats assist in making a long-lasting bond between students fraternities; along with conversing about course materials, they can freely discuss their personal lives as well. Learners buy an opportunity to think longer regarding what they want to express and comment on a post.

Facilitates Team Learning

Virtual classrooms facilitate team learning by letting large teams of individuals to add up and discuss with regards to a lesson or perhaps a project. Online learning doesn't leave any room for mis-communication since students can question their teachers anytime within a forum. Learners are free to share with you their thoughts, ideas and thrash out issues within students forums and virtual classrooms.

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Nov 9, 2022
The K-W-L-H Learning Strategy

The K-W-L-H learning method is probably the most popular strategies which were utilized by the learning community to read and understand texts as well as work on different school projects. This strategy originated by the researcher Donna Ogle in 1986 and was originally developed for studying literature. K-W-L-H is short for.

K is short for what I "Know."

W stands for what I "Want" to find out.

L is short for what I am learning/have "Learnt."

H represents "How" can I find out more on the topic.

This is normally represented in the table format. It is a comprehensive learning strategy in line with the constructivist theory of learning. The first column "K" accounts for the need for looking at each student's prior knowledge to help make connections with the niche to get studied. In this way, students could be more involved in the educational process as he/she will be "constructing meaning" beyond any new information gleaned and linking it on the prior knowledge base. No topic can be entirely new as learning normally occurs in graded levels. However, in the rare type of students having very limited experience a brand new topic, some pre-project or pre-reading exercises might be done. This can come under their prior knowledge base. Certain misconceptions with regards to a topic may also be cleared in the event that students make such entries inside prior knowledge column. Better understanding and clarity can be achieved as the students embark on learning this issue. "W" prompts students to articulate and note down whatever they would like to learn in regards to a particular topic so that you can bring the topic into focus and encourage their curiosity. "L" prompts students to notice down what you are learning as they find out more or even the project progresses in the systematic manner. They are clearly capable of see how their knowledge base on the niche is gathering. In the end, they will be able to articulate what they have learnt from this issue.

Finally, "H" that has been a later addition ensures that students can progress further in their learning journey on the particular topic by making them articulate methods of them to find out more about the subject or how to further innovate about the outcome of a project. For example, if this issue being studied is Shakespeare's As You Like It, the prior knowledge can include other Shakespeare plays that the scholars might have read like Macbeth. By reflecting and reviewing on their own prior knowledge, students will probably be capable to critically look at "new" play and assess it using prior knowledge. An entry in "W" may be a student would like to know how a comedy by Shakespeare compares using a tragedy like Macbeth. "L" might help them critically analyse the play and turn into more involved and engaged inside reading with the play. "H" will encourage students to read more comedy plays compiled by Shakespeare and look at and analyse them. Thus, an entire learning cycle might be tracked while using K-W-L-H learning strategy.

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Oct 18, 2022
Important Factors That May Affect the Learning Process

Learning is available in many forms and its importance differs from one individual to another. If someone is taking it lightly then its something is very all to easy to learn, but alternatively some people consider it a very difficult job to perform. However, teachers will always be there to help to overcome the obstacles and earn learning uncomplicated. They make learning easier for young students helping them see the knowledge or information better.

Learning can be a joint effort, like a lot of the cases the whole process of learning involves the learners and the teachers to produce learning effective and obviously the time and effort should be mutual. At exactly the same time it is important to check if the teacher works well and applying the proper techniques while teaching the scholars. All these rely upon the knowledge and the amount of knowledge of the teacher. It is often observed that the particular teacher possesses sufficient volume of knowledge, but lacks in relation to effective teaching techniques. Keeping these factors in your mind numerous teacher training institutes came up and taken the initiative to boost the grade of teachers. These institutes give you a variety of teacher classes that cater to the teachers to hone their teaching skills emphasizing the present day and improved teaching techniques.

Learning itself can be a very interesting also as simple process provided the learner identifies the significance of knowledge properly. It is the teacher who has the responsibility of making the educational process effective to the learner. There are numerous learning procedures but it could happen that the particular technique that proves effective first person might not be effective for another. Therefore it is important to analyze the factors that influence the learning process to implement the right learning way of an individual.

The effective factors are listed below:

Intellectual factor: Intellectual factor indicates a person's mental state and level. It depends around the intellectual amount of someone to see the performance at college, for instance a task given by the teacher can appear to be quick and easy for a student with higher intellectual state whereas in case there is students with lower intellectual state exactly the same task might seem to be very difficult. That is why, students with weak intellectual quotient face many difficulties in school which is the responsibility from the teachers to help the students in uplifting their moral state and confidence to work further and harder for completing the training assignments. There are special times when students are found to possess learning disabilities. In such cases, it does not take responsibility of the teacher to take additional care to get over the obstacles those students face to make the training process a lot easier for them.

Physical factors: Sometimes, learning go for suffering from the physical factors or physical disabilities of students that also includes health, visual and physical defects, nutrition, physical development and glandular abnormality. In rural and underdeveloped areas, a lot of students are afflicted by malnutrition and lots of other diseases amongst the seating disorder for you. There are children who are afflicted by visual, auditory and also other physical disabilities which prevent them in developing their skills like reading, writing, spelling etc. So, different health risks also affect the educational capabilities of the scholars inside a bigger way.

Mental factors: Children may be defiant, naughty and infrequently impulsive as well, which is absolutely normal at how old they are however, many youngsters are hard to handle and also have very difficult and challenging behaviors that seem to be completely out in the league. These kids with attitude disorders lead them towards different mental disorders that may act as a barrier to learning. Bad attitudes can also be responsible in developing major personality problems. Sometimes the most important mental disorders require doctor's consultation but that's not until the student is recommended to get the medical assistance through the concerned teacher. If the teacher is able to identify the prevailing disorder in his/ her student faster, the quicker would be the intervention that will ensure an improved future for the student. As more importance emerged on learning disabilities among students in recent times, institutes are offering to you teaching online classes that focuses on teaching students with special conditions where teachers are taught to handle difficult situations such as these.

Teacher's Personality: It is recommended for your teachers to own pleasant and positive attitude towards the students. It is important to get a teacher to possess a radiant personality and value discipline. According to many educationalists the supreme responsibility of a teacher just isn't limited to monitor the routine duties but to lead also as inspire students produce a positive personality.

There are several other essential factors which are competent at bringing significant alterations in the educational process and with little care and devotion those barriers could be easily removed. Several pre and primary teacher classes are available to help teachers adopt new strategies to learning and provide sufficient improvements of their behaviors towards the students which will be therapeutic for the students.

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